What to wear | Tips for a successful photo session


The most common and difficult part or a photo session planning is choosing what to wear.

Personally I believe having quality pictures is a very important thing and a landmark in our memories. Family, newborn, maternity, first birthday, whichever the occasion may be! One moment gone and the past are lost forever. It never comes back. That's why investing in a good photographer something you will never regret!

Naturally when we think of photographers, we automatically want them to be perfect. A vivid memory of an event to be etched in our minds, make us smile and fall in love. We worry about attire, backdrop or which setting and so on to add to the portrait. However, I believe the attire is what matters the most. I can take an amazing photo but it will NOT look amazing if what everyone is wearing is not just right. The moment and the memory will still be captured but you might not be completely happy on how it turned out.

What I am trying to say is that when choosing what to wear for your session try coordinating and uniforming what the family or couple wears. Wearing clothes that complements each other are always best. Try matching the color but not 100% so it’s not blend.

Wear similar tones of clothing

•Think in black and white tones; if everyone wears dark blue and one person wears white, the eye will be drawn to the person wearing white. If there's a reason that one person should stand out, and then do it. If not, change your color selections.

•Denim in any color for pants and jackets works well. Its classic, it's informal and it comes in lots of great colors. Best of all, it never goes out of style.

•Groom your hands and nails; they usually end up in some pictures.

The families of color

•Group One: Jewel tones (ruby red, sapphire blue, emerald green)

•Group Two: Pastels (pastel blue like worn demin, pastel pink, pastel green, pastel yellow, peach)

•Group Three: Earth tones (pumpkin orange, eggplant purple, sage green, chocolate brown).

•Group Four: Cool vs. Warm tones (cool colors are blue and green, warm tones are reds, yellows, and oranges). Sometimes colors from each of these groups complement each other: pumpkin orange with denim blue)

Avoid patterns, logos, branding, and busy designs IF POSSIBLE! Stripped outfits or shirts tend to be super distracting. We want to see you, your family and the moment not the outfit.

Avoid anything shiny or reflective. Try avoiding large, shiny objects like belt buckles, bold jewelry and reflective watches. Unless your watch has a story, it's best to take it off during your portrait session. In fact, it's best to take it off well before you arrive so the marks on your wrist have a chance to fade. Classic, elegant jewelry like pearls always looks appropriate and always add something extra to the image.

Be aware of bright color and colors that stands out such as RED. Red attracts attention! If you want to stand out on purpose, wear red. If you choose red because of an occasion such as Christmas, choose red for everybody and its best if the reds match.

Few more Tips:

•Ladies, please keep the make-up and jewelry to a bare minimum. A lipstick and bit of blush would be fine.

•Wear clothes which fit you properly. Loose and baggy clothes make you look bigger and bulkier in photographs.

•For the men, it would be good idea to shave and trim your beards and mustaches. If you are planning to have a haircut, have it a week or 2 before the D-day. In case there is a hairstyle problem, it can be corrected.

•Long sleeves are necessary for adults as well as teenagers. Bear arms can attract attention and can have an overbearing effect on the face.

• The above point relates to legs as well. Women who are going to be photographed from head to toe, it is advisable to wear long skirts or pants. Bare legs can overpower the face.